Elena Soriano-3
flor freepik

”Everybody has an artist inside and it only takes some courage to dream enough to be able to create”.

Work with me!

I am a self-taught freelance artist . Art is an innate part of me as I have been sketching and painting since always. With those experiences, I developed my own style and palette of colours. The media I use goes from oils, acrylics, pastels to pencils.

My nationality is Spanish. I grew up in Madrid so the colours I use are very close to my heritage and representational of all colours of the places I have been and its people, especially Spain and Ireland. I consider my work culturally and emotionally connected being expressionistic and symbolic in nature.  I have no particular process behind my paintings, I just paint because I love to do so.

I believe that my art captures my personal view of life, full of emotions, beauty and contrasts. I live in Dublin, Ireland and the art, the music and the people of this country influences the way I paint and the way I see life. I hope that you enjoy my work and that at the very least makes you smile.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question.